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Emilio Ocampo and Joshua Huang are the 2020 Elmer Carvey Memorial Scholarship Winners!




The winners of the 2020 Elmer Carvey Scholarship are Emilio Ocampo, a graduating senior from San Marcos High School, and Joshua Huang, a graduating senior from Glendora High School. Both will be attending UCLA in the Fall.

Besides excelling academically, Mr. Ocampo was accepted and participated in several research programs under the auspices of UC San Diego and UC Davis. For example, He received a scholarship to conduct research as part of the ENLACE program, which is a seven week binational (US & Mexico) summer residential program at UC San Diego. His research was titled, “Spectroscopy and the Implications for Nuclear Fusion Energy.” Dr. Christofer McGuffey – an Associate Project Scientist at UC San Diego – reported that Mr. Ocampo had a strong curiosity and follow-through to understand scientific topics, grasping many of the scientific concepts that are assigned to beginning graduate students.

Among his many awards and distinctions, Mr. Ocampo was a “Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship at UC Berkeley Finalist.” He was also chosen as an Excalibur Knight, one of twenty two students that were selected by the Principal at San Marco High School, whose duties included mentoring, public speaking at events, and serving as a role model in his school community.

Mr. Ocampo plans to continue his research while an undergraduate majoring in Physics at UCLA. His long term plans are to attain a PhD in Physics or Engineering and apply that Materials Science problems.

Mr. Huang also excelled academically during his high school career. He successfully completed many AP courses, including completing the two-year AP Capstone program, which prepares high school students for conducting university research. Mr. J. Liao – Mr. Huang’s AP Physics teacher – found that among many high performing AP students, he stood out for his positive attitude, sincere curiosity, and determination to excel.

In addition to a demanding course schedule, Mr. Huang also took a leadership role in the school robotics club. Mr. Terry Wall – the school’s Computer Programming and Robotics instructor – reported that he was the vice president of the robotics club and driving force behind their team’s most successful year to date during the construction of the robot and competition in the Los Angeles regional competition. He was heavily involved in the design process and business portions of the effort.

Mr. Huang plans to attain his BS in Materials Engineering at UCLA. He long term plans are to attain a PhD with the goal of continuing Materials research.

The Elmer Carvey Memorial Scholarship was established in honor of Elmer Carvey, an active member of the SCCAVS from 1964 until 1982. The Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students attending public, four-year colleges in California who are planning careers in areas of interest to the society, which include vacuum-related technologies, coatings, surface and thin film science, nanotechnology, the understanding of materials properties, and the development of new materials. The stipend is $1,500.00 for one year.