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Vivian Wall and Carlos Lima are the 2018 Elmer Carvey Memorial Scholarship Winners!



The winners of the 2018 Elmer Carvey Scholarship are Vivian Wall, an undergraduate majoring in Chemistry at UCLA, and Carlos Lima, and undergraduate majoring in Physics and Mathematics at CSU Long Beach.

Ms. Wall is conducting research in Professor Sarah Tolbert’s lab, where she has worked for the past year. She is working on the ARPA-e THINNER Coatings project, which aims to develop insulating coatings for single-pane windows. The purpose of such coatings is to decrease the energy loss from single-pane windows to avoid the financial and logistical difficulties of double-pane windows. She is using polymer templated silica to achieve a nanoporous insulating structure.

Initial studies of rare earth oxides – chosen because their hydrophobicity might stop strain cracks on the surface of the silica window panes – did not pan out because of producibility problems. Ms. Wall is now working on introducing a zirconia impurity to lower the thermal conductivity of the silica window base material: Lower thermal conductivity results in higher insulating ability.

In the course of her research, Ms. Wall has become an expert in film synthesis, involving plasma cleaning, spin coating, dip coating, and drop casting. She uses a variety of techniques to characterize the effectiveness of her synthesized coatings, including SEM, EDS, contact angle measurement, and other scientific techniques.

Ms. Wall’s long-term goals are to attain her PhD, using her knowledge of nanoscience and thin films to conduct research into the chemistry behind energy conservation.

Mr. Lima has been working with Professor Michael Peterson and his condensed matter theory research group over the last year. He is applying Density Functional Theory (DFT) for determining magnetic spin exchange interactions in novel materials. His current project is using DFT to understand and model the magnetic behavior of a particular transition metal oxide recently synthesized in the CSULB Chemistry Department. He is also participating in a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at the University of Connecticut, studying problems in mathematical physics.

Mr. Lima’s long-term goals are to apply his theoretical knowledge to problems in condensed matter physics and materials science. He would like to use the tools and knowledge he gains to benefit others, preferably to build machines that help solve difficult optimization problems. To that end, he would like to pursue his PhD in Physics with Professor Ortiz at Indiana University at Bloomington to study Quantum Information and algorithm generation.

The Elmer Carvey Memorial Scholarship was established in honor of Elmer Carvey, an active member of the SCCAVS from 1964 until 1982. The Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students attending public, four-year colleges in California who are planning careers in areas of interest to the society, which include vacuum-related technologies, coatings, surface and thin film science, nanotechnology, the understanding of materials properties, and the development of new materials. The stipend is $1,500.00 for one year.