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Brooke Bollengier and Erin Joy Araneta are the 2022 Elmer Carvey Memorial Scholarship Winners!


Two deserving students were chosen as winners of the Elmer Carvey Scholarship for 2022, Meagan Hill and Alexis Mojica.

Ms. Hill is a Senior at UC Riverside, where she is majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. Besides excelling academically, she is performing undergraduate research with Professor Ludwig Bartels, a chemist studying surfaces, 2D and 1D materials for microelectronic and catalytic applications. Ms. Hill is working on the deposition of thin MoTe2 films for electronic applications. To enable her research, she has become proficient in sample preparation and various analytical techniques including Raman Spectroscopy, AFM, XRD, XPS, and SEM/EDS.

She also has found time to contribute in leadership positions of student chapters of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Materials Research Society. She is a member of MacREU, which promotes research experience for undergraduates.

When she graduates, Ms. Hill intends to work in the semiconductor industry or in a related field that also involves vacuum processing and deposition of materials.

Ms. Mojica is a Sophomore at Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo, where she is majoring in Chemistry. She is participating in an undergraduate research project with Professor Leslie Hamachi, a chemist studying organic materials and nanomaterials. Ms. Mojica’s research involves developing covalent organic frameworks (COFs), which are porous crystalline polymers that are useful in gathering dissolved substances as a condensed layer on their surface. These COFs are expected to be useful in water purification, acid sensing paint, and battery technology. She is becoming proficient in several analytical techniques to characterize the reaction products, including Dynamic Light Scattering, FTIR, and SEM.

Ms. Mojica also donates her time to organize club retreats and plan fundraisers and other events for the Pilipino Cultural Exchange, and as well as being involved in Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed national service fraternity.

Ms. Mojica intends to continue doing organic materials research in graduate school to prepare for a career in the chemical industry.

The Elmer Carvey Memorial Scholarship was established in honor of Elmer Carvey, an active member of the SCCAVS from 1964 until 1982. The Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students attending public, four-year colleges in California who are planning careers in areas of interest to the society, which include vacuum-related technologies, surface and thin film science, nanotechnology, the understanding of materials properties, and the development of new materials. The stipend is $1,500.00 for one year.

The application for the 2023-2024 school year is available here: